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fixed the zip i also forgot to include the serial library.


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Sweet.  Of course right after I uploaded one of my own programs, my RS232-TTL converter blew (max232 workalike by ST) leaving my boarduino dead in the water.  It works just fine, I simply can't talk to it.  Happily, I was sitting on a "real" Arduino, not having even unboxed it yet.  This is my first actual Arduino...  So, I'm now a "Legit" Arduino user :)

I'll skip getting another max232 for now and use the Arduino as an ISP programmer for the Boarduino I think.  I've been meaning to do this anyway, as I also got a "SmartLCD" device off ebay a while back, it's a ATMEGA168 with a dedicated 4x12 LCD and a couple of buttons.. think I got it for $3 shipped.. just haven't done anything with it as it needs an ISP programmer and I've been too lazy to load the sketch.

Now that I'm back and cooking with gas, made the minor changes (print_str removal, etc) necessary in my code-  and you are right- the line drawing is noticably faster.  VERY cool, I'll be updating my projects and posting some stuff with the new library probably by the end of the night..
When the testing is complete there will be... cake.

Igor R

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mdmetzle, your library it´s very cool!!!

I´ve done an explanation in Spanish of your library with a very easy example (it shows the temperature+voltage of a NTC and one image).





I resume this thread because it's very interesting: the TvOut library is awesome, good job!  ;)

Just a question: to solve the problem related to the frame buffer due to the limited memory, could it be possible, for example, use an external memory?
I would like to know if I could use a RAM and read the data to generate the video signal from there.

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