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The "heatsink" I use for this array is just a peice of 1cm thick aluminium. It seems to keep it cool enough, though I haven't run it from extended periods of time.


Nice project! It is extremely bright too!  8-)


I hope you don't mind the spam, but I built a shield for handling power LEDs.  It makes for very easy LED projects and helps prevent LED and Arduino destruction .  ;)




i love this project and i want to make something similar to this however i dont know how to power up these leds, does anyone know if its safe to use a computer power source? i read that these leds are constant current driven and not voltage driven.... :-[ whats the best way to power up 2 rgb leds in parallel?


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As for current limiting, they don't seem to mind if I keep to the right voltage.

Famous last words.  Wink  Most good examples of running these kinds of 3 watt LEDs use full constant current drivers rather then simple current limiting resistors. Using no current control, just voltage drive is pretty risky.


Is this still running?

I am looking to run RGB LEDs -the clear 4 wire ines in a similar fashion. Any reason this would not work?


Why is Common Anode a problem for putting them in series? Wouldn't that mean that you just need a different type of MOSFET?

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