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Just wanted to say "Hi" and am eager to get going with some real projects for my Uno.
My first project is a mini turret...more of a hobby project than anything really useful, but it will make a fun little desktop toy, and give me an excuse to experiment with some PIR sensors.


I will post some pics later


So here is a link to the rendered turret.


If I'm lucky, I will have parts to bolt together this weekend :)


The turret looks pretty cool. Did you design it and order it online somewhere or are you going to make these parts per your design??
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Thanks! I just sketched it up in inventor. I guessed at what it should look like. Mostly, the driving factor is mounting 2 futaba S3003 servos.
I don't know what will be mounted in the end, but the first thing will be a PIR array for testing.


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So, here is a photo of my super cheap/simple Ir sensor. I am going to make 4 and then have an single independent transmitter IR source.

*Not sure if I am going to need an Op Amp...but don't care right now!



I couldn't wait, so I formed the parts up, and sprayed them.
Looks just like the rendering :D



Looks great! What materials did you use and where did you get them fabbed?


Thx! It's gauge steel, and I know somebody who does laser cutting and they can sneak small parts every now and then ;)



Can I ask you a thing about the futaba s3003? With a bit of try and error I ended that they go, in microseconds, from 500 to 2400. Have you ever tried?
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QUOTE; Can I ask you a thing about the futaba s3003? With a bit of try and error I ended that they go, in microseconds, from 500 to 2400. Have you ever tried?

I thought of using the pwm method, but the Arduino library makes it easier to just define the angle.

I guess I am going to need to make a sensor with an amplifier afterall.
My serial output reads 1023 with no light source, and with the brightest light, I can only get it down to the low 900s. I will definitely need to make it more sensitive for it to be functional.


Ha!  I guess nobody noticed, but I had my IR phototransistor backwards!
Now that I fixed it, I get serial readings ranging from 1023 to 27 using a simple light source which should make it usable for my project without adding a transistor to the circuit. *cross fingers*


Ok, so now I made a pair of IR sensors to test with the servo, and so far seems like it all works fine! I breadboarded everything together, but couldn't mount the sensors on the servo yet, however, the servo responds to variance in light shining on the IR phototransistors.

a pic is in the link:



Looking good.  Puts my first Arduino project to shame  :)

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