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[size=12]Since internet is so popular and can be found everywhere in the world.
If you ever thinking about control / monitor your Arduino Project "ONLINE" , from the internet , then check this out.    I just figure out this easy way to do this.


The idea is :
[size=14] 1. Make a Web Server Program , then the user can access it from Internet
2. This Program talk to Arduino by integrating Serial Port Programming
3. Arduino control / monitor Your Project
I use this idea to make a Internet Controlled Vehicle , it can monitor the battery status and For/Backward , turn left/right , operate a Robotic Arm that holding a flashlight(can be on/off).    All this only need one Arduino 328p.

If you wanna make your project wireless in this case , then
[size=14]  4. Your PC connect to an XBee
 5. XBee connect to Your Arduino Project
[/size]The tutorial about XBee:

That will be interesting if the Arduino Project can be access from the internet.     So you can demonstrate it anywhere you like once it has internet.

Let me know how do you think about this :)



Cool! I did the same thing, but via Apache+PHP instead of SDL.


How do you do that?
May I have your link about how you made it?

I'm interested in different ways to achieve the same goal :)

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