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Looms really good!
What code did you use for the computer interface?
I'd love to build something like this, but I would have
no idea how to intergrate it into the computer.
My website: http://www.harryrabbit.co.uk/electronics/home.html Up and running now! (Feel free to look round!) :D


the interface has been developed for android device, so it has been build in JAVA, full code is available on github

Adam Green

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Thanks got rid of the error but now means the wont sync with my android  :-/

I guess ill have to start writing from scratch then...

Thanks Adam


before to use the android app test the http call through a web browser...you should see the json message on it

Adam Green

Thanks mate.

Im finding it really hard to see whats what in the script so i might have to have a go at starting from scratch....

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