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Author Topic: led matrix 8x40 school project.  (Read 3017 times)
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hi all,
i readed in the begin of the school year a forum post about the 8x 56 and was build on a breadbord. now i made for school the same but then build in a case of plexiglas. used 60x60 mm led matrixes.

thanks to Hari who bring the idea:)



and here is the code i used. ( including the serial part + bigger ascii tabel + EEprom)

btw, this is what i deliverd to school, so the comments are in dutch. blame me but i dont wanna change it back:)

So big Thanks to Hari for making his project and helped me futher in the EEProm part smiley-wink


Lincoln, NE
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Having lots of fun with Arduino. Thanks everyone!
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Very slick.  Much better than my rat's nest. :-)
Great job Spikie!

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