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Okey, so I really want to make a stand alone circuit. Ive done so with the larger DIP size chip.
Now, I want to go SMD. So I made this breakout board:

The idea is to fit this nicely onto the DIP socket on my ARDUINO UNO, "tricking" the IDE to beleive that the original chip is in place (but Ive replaced it with an SMD type, as you see on the right side).
No idea if that will actually work, but thats not my main problem.

How on earth do I burn the bootloader onto this SMD chip ?
Will my custom circuit board and/or one, or two arduinos help me in this process?



I can't think of any reason you cannot use your breakout mounted on a breadboard and then proceeding as shown on this page:  Using an Arduino as an AVR ISP (In-System Programmer).

This thread has a summary of my first experience using this method and might be helpful to you.



You would burn the boot loader like you would any other chip.
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You could add an ICSP header to the board very easily, then use an AVR ISP (In Circuit Programmer), which is available from a bunch of places including Digikey. You can drive the AVR ISP from AVRDUDE or AVR Studio, which is a free download from Atmel's web site. Google "AVR ICSL Header pinout" and you'll see what you need to do.


You can easily make a programming board that you can attach to your Arduino for programming your board or 328P chips. Or you can use jumpers and do it without any additional hardware. I made a board so I can

Get a copy of Arduino 0.22 and from that IDE load the ArduinoISP sketch into the Arduino.
(there is a small bug with ArduinoISP and ver 1.0 that keeps it from working properly)
Once you get the ArduinoISP sketch loaded from V0.22 you canuse either that version or 1.0 to load the Bootloader.

Disconnect your arduino from power
Connect arduino and your new board
Arduino   New Board
D10         Reset
D11         pin 17
D12         Pin 18
D13         Pin 19
Gnd         Pins 8 & 22
5V           Pins 7 & 20

and on the Arduino connect 5V to Reset with a 120 ohm resistor.

Hook things back up and under Tools/Programmer select Arduino as ISP and then select Tools/Burn Bootloader.

There is a possibility that the chip you are using returns a different ID code than the 328P on the arduino and if so youwill need to use AVRDude from the command line. If you have to do that yuo might want to install a copy of WinAVR(it sets up the path and such so it works smoother) and go that route. If you need to do that I can get you that info and the command line commands to configure you chip. Once you get the 328 on your board programmed you should be good to go.

I have added a couple pictures of my ArduinoISP board that will work with 8, 20 and 28 pin devices.

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