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Oh fine.  This is a rather old picture (old computer, old monitor, no arduinos), but the overall style hasn't changed...


Mar 16, 2010, 11:55 pm Last Edit: Mar 17, 2010, 12:05 am by 33Warlord Reason: 1
Here's part of my desk, I'll take a wider pic when i'm back home this weekend.


I need a lcd scope, as you can tell on mine, the old crt sucks up a third of my workspace *actually takes up more room than the 17 inch crt monitor i had there, footprint wise


Looks like with some clever engineering, you could mount it on the wall above the computer. :P


Wow, nice scope, what is the model?  :o


Wow, nice scope, what is the model?  

Well I think I can read that it's a Tektronix, but not the model number. Doesn't matter, if it's a Tek then it's too expensive for me. ;)

I'm still using a Tek 2213 analog scope, but it still works great, and the oldest, largest, ugliest scope is still better then no scope.  ;)



Mar 17, 2010, 02:02 am Last Edit: Mar 17, 2010, 02:10 am by 33Warlord Reason: 1
Thanks for the comments on the scope - it's a Tek MSO2012.  

I've had it about a year and still love it.  Great scope, and I actually have no complaints at all.  I also have the logic analyzer modules to decode I2c, SPI, and Serial data.  (The pic actually shows decoded Serial traffic on the bottom.)

My only regret was getting the 2 channel version, vs. 4.  Ironically I rarely need more than 2 analog inputs; but aesthetically 4 looks much nicer.


Yeah I'm feeling self-conscious.  Everyone here has a scope, and I don't :P.  I've never actually had a need for one though :P.

I suppose it'd be nice to have..


I feel for you TchnclFl (damn, your name is hard to spell), I've been wanting a scope for a while now, but they're just so expensive. *must not resort to ebay... must... fight... the urge...*


darn, your name is hard to spell

I get that a lot.  The lack of vowels can make pronunciation difficult ;D!

Yeah I just can't justify buying one :).

Ste Hughes


some of these photo's look cool!!!

i dont even have a multimeter

i need a proper test bench and work station though

soon maybe  8-)


mines a ebay scope, dirty and has not been calibrated since y2k ... and it was shipped from cost to coast (nearly) in the USA

1) it was under 100$ with shipping (+ like 20 bucks for the probes from sure)

2) its a dual channel analog with digital measurement on screen display

3) its a dual channel digital storage scope, with a looping refresh display, so its like a hybrid digital scope using real time analog or a digital screenshot slide show of real time **

** you can ask me for real numbers, I paid 14 dollars online to get the users manual and repair manual online in pdf form, printed it, hole punched it and put it in a 1.5 inch thick 3 ring binder. Placed it under the scope for convenience, and never looked at it since... MAKE MY DAY! **

I am quite pleased with it to say the least, my complaints about it tho are

too darn big! but it was made in 1987

needs a new clock battery, its kinda annoying to have 1987 in your screenshots lol

the screen lighting needs to be replaced, now there are 3 incandescent bulbs , in dull dim 1970's-80's dashboard orange that are positioned where they beam up behind the crt's front glass and mostly only lights up the scale, thats begging for a LED mod


some of these photo's look cool!!!

yea I cant wait to see even more, its always cool to see what people are working with, kinda like going to each others garage

i dont even have a multimeter

you need to get one of those, if nothing else but to check your work, and they are pretty cheap, harbor freight just had one on sale for like 3 bucks, check around your local tool / house / farm type stores

i need a proper test bench and work station though

who says? I may be cramped but my little, actually since im here its more like 2.5 x 2.5 foot card table has served me very well, you just need a little space, and a piece of scrap particleboard to protect it


I have a question:

I've always been hesitant about soldering inside, for fear of smoke buildup, bad smell, etc.  How do you guys avoid it?  Do you have some sort of ventilation system?  Man that'd be nice...


Mar 17, 2010, 03:28 am Last Edit: Mar 17, 2010, 03:30 am by Osgeld Reason: 1
Its easy for me, in my old apartment i setup next to the window and froze during winter ... didnt matter we just had baseboard heaters so we froze anyway

now i just crack the back door open abit, since im right next to it

Im sure we have all spent time outcast to the shop with our ski gear on and a crappy firetrap spaceheater

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