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This is my coding bench. A permanent fixture but not allowed to get too unsightly since its in a living area (small house - its all living area)

In the mirror above the bench is a glimpse of my hardware construction area :

This is nomadic, its used as an eating area and park for my wifes laptop among many other uses.  It looks a lot less pristine when my wifes away and I'm in the middle of a project.  The stuff gets put away in the cupboard at the right when the wife is around. The carpet is often full of those little bits of wire and solder blobs........


and solder blobs........

I could not get away with that!


My bench is a bit more tidy after the enforced tidy up after the Maker Fair.


What's that scary orange thing in the second picture? :O


Mike, you can free some valuable desk space if you replace your CRT monitor with an LCD one :)
I know that from my own experience :)

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