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Hi all

I would like to present my variation that is Sunduino 2.0, based on a draft sanguino projects
 I tried to keep the proportions in line with the original plates Arduino, and to enable work in this great environment with many larger microcontrollers, so in SunDuino 2.0 can be used:

ATMega 644p
ATMega 644
ATMega 324p
ATMega 16

ATMega32 unfortunately will not work.

In the picture SunDuino 2.0 with ATmega 644 16Mhz

please look post 2


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This is my SunDuino

This is a BAck Side


Very nice. And the 644 chip still fills a nice niche between the 328 and 1280 chips and is DIP packaged for easy standalone applications.



Great board :) Very clear pcb traces :)
Will You upload schematics and pcb design ?


Looking good. Are there anything to gain from those chips, compared to the ones on the uno?
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