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Mr. Orange,

Thanks.  I plan to use to log a battery charging session to see what the profile is on my DeWalt battery charger.

Any chance you would post the real time clock circuit you have on there?




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I'm trying to interface arduino uC to a microSD card thru pin 8-13 and GND.

I have been googling and i found this post, ladyada's code[1] based on roland's code[2] and some arduino's vendor code[3].

I have not been able to use SD card yet. The closest i got it is with this post and ladyada's code, but i can not initialize correctly the SD card.

As i read in this post, some people is having same issues, did you resolve it?

I'll be waisting some time on this and kick it, if somebody wants to join, it is welcome.

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Code: [Select]

Data sampling system                                
send r to read disk                                  
send s to start sampling
send q to stop sampling
MMC/SD initialization failed

How should i format SD card? I have tried without partitions and with FAT16


Can you use this with a micro sd card?


No, I have not been able to use it yet. It compiles safely but it does not initialize the SD card, so I can not write nor read from it.


I don't think it will work with microSD. According to wikipedia the SPI mode that this library uses is optional for microSD but required for SD:


How hard would it be to use the SD mode instead of SPI? And what about SDHC support?

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