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Hi all,

I recently bought a Pro Mini and an Uno. I was wondering - as far as I know, the Uno cannot yet be used as an ISP (judging by the pinned post on the bootloader, it sounds like they're making progress with it though!). Is there any way to use the Pro Mini as a bootloader?

Coding Badly

the Uno cannot yet be used as an ISP

Wanna bet?


It can be?

Are these the precise instructions?

Coding Badly

Close.  Add step 1.5...

1.5 Disable auto-reset.  Instructions are available here...

However, if your Uno was "recently" purchased or if you have updated the bootloader, it is not necessary to disable auto-reset.  If you are using Arduino IDE 1.0 then the stock ArduinoISP sketch does not work; report back if you are using 1.0 and need help.

Coding Badly

Oh, and sorry to be so rude.  Hello to you.


Hi Coding Badly,

:) it's all good!

Yeah I'm currently working on 1.0, but I did read one of the posts here that said using 0023 was successful. Was going to PM you regarding your version of the sketch though.

I bought the Uno just yesterday - rev3.

Thanks for the help!


I have heard problems with version 1.0 and Arduino ISP. I am not sure if this is true or not but if it doesn't work, you should try downgrading your Arduino IDE.
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Hi all,

Reporting back..

avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is no responding.

I tried the configuration w/ no external oscillator - is that going to be a problem? That includes downloading the breadboard configuration file.

When I run the bootloader program, the lights flash pin7, pin8 and then pin9, and the error shows up, but no error light (pin8??) is shown.

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What method did you use to disable auto-reset?  Capacitor?  Resistor?  Both?


If you are using the Arduino-1.0 IDE to load the ArduinoISP sketch you will have a problem.

Geta copy of Arduino-0.22 and load the ArduinoISP sketch and then the Arduino board will work just fine.

If you are using AVRDude to transfer a HEX file, the Arduino-0.22 sketch will run at -b 19200, the Arduino-1.0 sketch will run at -b 9600. If you are not running AVRDude directly this won't mean a thing to you.


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Hi Coding Badly,

I didn't disable the reset, as per your instruction that a recent Uno wouldn't need it to be disable, which is consistent with what I read online, but I'll try that next w/ a 10k resistor. (Btw I'm using the bare minimum circuitry, trying to use the AVR's on-board 8 MHz clock. Is this not right?)

Hi kf2qd,

Thanks for the thought. I was using 0023, but I'll try 0022 next.

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but I'll try that next w/ a 10k 120 ohm resistor

...connected between RESET and +5V.


Huh.. OK.. Thanks!


Hi all,


I set up the breadboard with the external oscillator, then used 0022 to bootload. Once that worked, I tested with a simple sketch from 1.0, and it worked!

Please let me know if there's anything that might go wrong with that approach, but in the meantime thanks to all!

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I'm glad you have it working.  Enjoy.

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