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I bought on eBay a camera dome by Sanyo... on Internet I was able to find its technical spec and I noticed the camera has an RS485 interface. The protocol I should use to control the camera (and I'd like to implement on Arduino) is Sanyo Security Serial Protocol (SSP); I wasn't able to find a document describing it, do you have any informations / examples about it?



"Sanyo Serial protocol" give several hits, what is the device type? do you have a datasheet link?
Rob Tillaart

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Hi Rob,

the camera is sanyo vcc-9400p... I was able to find some fliers but no details about SSP protocol it uses: Sanyo confirmed me that it isn't available on their website and they provide the technical details only to "integrators".


Well I don't know anything about that protocol, but Google took me here where somebody is implementing a driver for it so presumably they know; it might be worth either contacting them, or seeing whether they have published their code anywhere accessible to you. Perhaps you could find other people working on it, too.
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Peter, thanks but that project is about Sanyo VCRs: the protocol for those devices is much simpler (basically commands to START/STOP/EJECT...) and well documented on Sanyo datasheets.

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