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@harry: sure, I am working on it day and night. Fixing the last problems and hope to get the release online in two weeks.

It will be a standalone release and not part of an official Arduino release.

I test everything under Windows and Mac OSX. And of course the sources are released too, so anyone who has Linux can give it a try as well. So if there are any requests for changes in the (original) IDE please post them here soon.

Also have a look at the project page (http://www.luminet.cc) for changes. The package will be release there.


Any news about the ATTiny Arduino IDE release?  I can't wait to test it out - I already have an Arduino-like board assembled for it and I'd love to program it up using your IDE.  Thanks!  :)


Everything finished. But I have to wait until Tuesday to upload it, because my upload speed at home is too slow.
So come back Tuesday or Wednesday, then you can download it.

And one new feature was added: If you create a new sketch, then setup() and loop() are automatically inserted, you only need to fill these functions with your code.


I'm super excited! is the modified IDE going to be on top of Arduino 15? Also any updates on getting in branched into the next arduino release?


I will upload the binaries for Windows and for Mac OS X tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon. Everything is running very nice now.

Oh, it is based on 0014, because I liked it better than 0015. But I will update the sources and binaries to new versions in the future. But of course this edition is neither 0014 nor 0015... it is something different :)

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