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I'm very interested for the bitbang en attiny support in the arduino ide.

Good work!


Wow, I've been looking for something like this for awhile now. Can't wait for the board files, bootloader and IDE. I could use about a dozen of these little things!!



Thankx for the feedback.
I am currently fine tuning the last parts and hope to release the files until the end of April.
If there are any other features that you miss in the official Arduino IDE then please let me know, maybe I can include it in the LumiNet version.


How much would it take to get the TWI/I2C to work?  I was looking at going with the ATTiny 25/45, but guess I could try 84/85.  Or would it work for any in the ATtiny series? I'm just getting started with this whole arduino thing, so of course, the easier, the better.



Has there been any more work done on this? i'm very interested to see the modified files. this could be very useful for me!

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