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Here is the modified IDE for Windows (binaries only, sources come in an extra zip file):
Download Windows Version

And here are the binaries for Mac OS X:
Download Mac OS X Version

Please give some feedback :)


Good to see its been released. I'm very much looking forward to using this in an upcoming project. I haven't had a chance to look at the new IDE yet, but any chance we could have some info such as what additions you've used and what the pin allocations are?

Thanks for you work!



What pin allocations do you mean? For the ATtiny chip? Or for the BitBang?


Sorry, i meant for which pin in the ide relates to the pin on the chip, for instance if i do a digitalwrite(1, HIGH) which physical pin will go high? Also which pins are which ADC, and does i2c work?

Also do you have any hardware designed as a prototype board? i'm halfway through designing one to use in a breadboard, as with the arduino nano, but i would like to see your take on the hardware.



Thanks for the IDE - looks like it will be helpful to many of us.  For just general purpose ATTinyx5 work, which LumiNet board should be selected as a target?  I have a board with an ATTiny85V on it and I wanted to test out the IDE but I wasn't sure what device to target.

Thanks again!

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