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Do you use a resistor in series with your RESET line from the ISP to pin4?
If you do, remove it (or maybe use a lower value). I did and everything seems to work again.
(I still use 10K resistors in line with the MOSI, MISO, CSK pins)



Hi Bohne, did you manage to use the Optiboot on Luminet micros? If so, can you post it please?



Ive got a first version of a bootloader working.
Using Bohne's asm serial and aziemer 256 word asm bootloader.

But when i have uploaded a sketch the bootloader is gone.
The attiny84 doesnt have a bootloader section in the fuses to protect it.
So the bootloader has to fix that. But my asm skill are none existing.
Im already happy to incorporate the asm serial.
Looks like the bootloader is still 256 words (512 bytes) as the arduino bootloader is 2048 bytes :P

I have mailed the author of the 256 word bootloader if he can help me out.
Or maybe Bohne can help with this.


in the original bootloader makefile there is this line
Code: [Select]
LDSECTION  = --section-start=.text=0x3800

by my understanding it means where in the memory to put the sketch
if you add it to the sketch makefile and adjust it to the end of your bootloader i think it should work



Since the attiny84 doesn't have UART is it possible to use V-USB like some Arduino compatible boards?

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I see that there is now an attiny84 core for the arduino-0018 IDE.  Has anyone created a core for the attinyx5 devices (specifically the attiny85)?  That comes in a nice 8-pin DIP/SOIC and would be great for simple designs.  Thanks!


Yes, I am successfully using a core originally developed for the attiny45 - it works very well on the 85.  I'll update on my progreass here but have a look at this thread



short: update Arduino0019 with LumiNet support is available (only for Max OS X) at the luminet.cc homepage.

I did not have time for optiboot, but hope to test it soon...


does anyone have the 18 version from supercow, links are dead

PS: pro tip, if your webhost uses an IP address as its point of entry,  dont bother

Coding Badly

By "18 version" do you mean the "attiny84-0.1.zip" file?  

If so then I have a copy.  Send me a PM with your email address and I'll get it to you tonight.


well the links point to attiny84-03.zip but at this point I would take any of them



Coding Badly emailed me the v1 core for arduino 18, and Bill2009 emailed me what appears to be the v3 of the same thing

you can find them both @


thanks guys!


so, I wonder if we could set up something in the playground with the cores, board files, schematics and examples.  Can we host things there or just point to them - I don't have a hosting service anywhere or i would offer.

Coding Badly

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For the core files, I'd REALLY prefer they were hosted in the same way the Arduino core is hosted: Google Code.  The Arduino download is even hosted there: http://arduino.[glow]googlecode[/glow].com/files/arduino-0019.zip .

I have a small window of time available right now.  My (overambitious) plan is to...
  • Carefully review and test R.Wiersma's last known ATtiny84 core fixing any problems I find
  • Bring this core up-to-date with Arduion 0019 (Print changes, String addition, etcetera)
  • Enhance Tone to output directly timer-to-pin when possible (the quality of the sound in this case is MUCH better in my opinion)
  • Change the core to (optionally) use a variation of digitalFast* (in my case, this reduces the size of the compiled Sketch making it more likely I can use a "smaller" tiny)
  • Build a unified ATtiny core that supports 84, 85, 2313, and the smaller variants

I am willing to share any or all of my work (using Google Code  ;)) if anyone is interested.

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