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SuperCow, I checked your .zip file.
the source code of the bootloader is not included. Where can I find it? Is it a stk500-compatible bootloader for attiny84?


yes, its not included, because its not finished, but i can upload my current work.
its stk500 compatible


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since your using a soft serial in this, is it safe to assume that there might be serial functions in future releases ?

Coding Badly

Very good question, Osgeld.  I have a few ideas on how to address Serial on tinies that don't have hardware support.  I'm hoping there's some dicussion around the ideas.  Would you mind if we move to a more appropriate section like Hardware / Development?


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Here is the alpha bootloader

The bootloader works on the first upload with the IDE
Second time upload the chip goes to the bootloader, but fails halfway uploading.

Everything is in ASM so its very hard to debug, this project is on a dead end for me.

I will look to the optiboot, and see if I am more successful.

About serial support, its not very hard to implement. There already some nice soft serials library around, it just has to be changed for the attiny84.

The serial used for the bootloader works aswell, but it doesn't have buffers etc, so you can miss incoming characters.

I just see optiboot already is made support for the attiny84
Lets see if it works 2 :)

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