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i'd be happy to try it but it's not obvious how.


David, that sounds interesting! It is very hard to keep up with your changes.

I wanted to have support for LumiNet and attiny from the first day on. My changes never made it into the core and this thread was the only support for people who wanted to get their attiny running with the Arduino.

I did not have a look at the git (because I still use svn), but I want to find time for that soon.


nice one mellis! do you by chance know the ide searches for includes? i am still stuck with the attiny85 port regarding adapting libraries. i can adapt a library, but i have no idea if it its possible to have the ide search in the hardware dir of the specific processor. i can see a dir layout like

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I couldn't tell from this thread if I2C was supported or not. However, since the ATtiny uses USI (Universal Serial Interface) for I2C and SPI, I didn't think so.

So I dug around and found some code for a USI I2C Master and adapted it for the Arduino IDE.

You can download it here . . .

Put it in Libraries folder under your Sketchbook.
It relies on the the ATtiny core files from here.

I have included an example in the "examples" folder with an ATtiny85 reading the temperature from a DS1621. It's working fine for me. There is also setup info in the example header.

I'm sure improvements can be made, however you may want to wait a bit. Soon I will post USI I2C Slave code, and it would be nice if the two libs were combined.
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your link doesn't work anymore. can you post it again ?

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