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More complex to start with and understand but goes a long way into making it usable.

One thing to note. The '5' and 'S' are now different. The 'S' stays the same but one segment of the '5' has changed. So it should look like this.
Code: [Select]
 255,       6,      6,      7,      7,      5,            //      0x35      5

Mark S


Thanks, I made the change, I also added the punctuation chars, only exclamation and . (period) I wanted period because this will primarily be used for numeric display.
     32,      0,      32,      32,      4,      32,            //      0x21      !
     32,      32,      32,      32,      4,      32,            //      0x2E      . (period)

If you want to define more of the punctuation please do.



OK. I had the '!' but used 7 for the bottom rather then 4.

Code: [Select]
void customsm()  // sm= !
 lcd.setCursor(x, 1);

most other punctuation won't be possible with the custom segments as they are defined.


hey guys, great thanks for this custom numbers development. I would like to make use of this special font for my digital clock display.any idea how to call this custom(); for example for seconds.

thanks :)


I'm sure trying to use these custom numbers will cause a clock to have some timing issues. You may not be able to get seconds to stay accurate. Personally i would use the large fonts to display the hours and minutes and leave the seconds on the normal fonts.

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