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Malmö's group is glad to present the Arduino weekly meetings to be hosted at EAT rev. - Copenhagen - Denmark - from November 4. The meetings will always be Fridays from 6pm and on.
This group is not only working with Arduino, also any other forms of electronic objects are welcome. The goal is to analyze and promote the use of alternative physical interfaces for VJ sessions. We will look into hacking existing VJ interfaces in creative ways.
The meetings are open for artists/designers/technologists from 10 years and older (children should bring a parent's letter)
If you are interested, please post your email address or write to:  
arduino [at] labbs [dot] net
The venue is located at:

Place: EAT rev. – HC Ørstedsvej 66 st.th.
Metro-station: Forum

and promoted by the Experiments in Art and Technology group from Sweden and Denmark.

/David Cuartielles, Kristoffer Gansing, and Linda Hilfling

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