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I have been trying and searching for days trying to find an answer to my problem. I want to use the Atmel Studio 6.2 with an ATMEL ICE to do source level debugging.

Currently I can build an example project in Atmel Studio and debug it with breakpoints and data watches. That make sense it should work.

I then loaded up Visual Micro to support building my Arduino Due project in Atmel Studio. In Atmel Studio I then select Open ->Open Object File for Debugging. This allows me to upload my Arduino Due project and to start debugging it. I can set breakpoints and single step code perfectly. The one problem I have is that I can't see data values (watches). Attached is a screen shot that shows the source code, break point and watch that does not show any data value. If I add a watch, it just says "Unknown identifier".

I have been digging into compiler and debugger settings thinking the .elf file I am selecting for loading is missing the symbol information, but changing options does not seem to help at all.

This Atmel ICE debugger would be a great solution for people at $68 including shipping if only the data watches could be made to work.

Any help would really be welcome.


I got it working, but I can't take all the credit here. The admin guy at the visual micro site was helpful pointing out the platform.txt file with the compiler options. I thought I had things working by changing the -g option to -g3 when I built the Adafruit cap touch TFT demo app, but then still had nothing when I started my own app.  A poster (Berni) on the VM site reported he changed the -g to -g3 -gdwarf-2 and had success. I tried that as well and it worked!

He did this for the .c, .s and .cpp flags.

If you are looking for an ICE solution that support single stepping, the ATMEL ICE is it. This link: http://store.atmel.com/PartDetail.aspx?q=p:10500377#tc:description  is where I got mine for $50 plus $18.00 for shipping (it shipped from overseas via DHL in about 5 days). I really like the VM tool tied into Atmel Studio as well. I still think they could do some closer tie in with the ICE to go along with the USB tool. I tried the USB tool, but did not have any luck out of gate with it.

There is still a issue though with debugging with the delay function. I suspect something with interrupts, but have yet to look at that.

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