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ok so I want an LCD to play with, as big as it gets, I no nothing about LCD and how to connect them to my arduino mega, I want to know if I can buy any type of LCD ? what else do I need to know before I buy one ?



The Arduino is probably not a good choice if you want to display on a large LCD screen like one would find in a laptop.  Typically we use a display with a built-in controller that has a buffer for the characters or pixels.  Such displays are typically 4x20 (four lines of twenty characters) or 128x64 pixels.
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I a parallel thread we just discuss GLCD frame per second rates. So I took my largest display (DOGXL160, a 160x104 display) and checked FPS rate with my Arduino Uno.

I guess, it is at the limit what an Arduino Uno can do, I got around 2 FPS.

Unless you have a high level controller (e.g. 4D systems) then you should not use displays which are much bigger than 160x100.



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not that large as a laptop screen but something like this http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9560, i had to display some sensor readings but they must be big and have some graphics as the persons who will read this are old and like to see big numbers and graphics instead of putting their glasses :)

i won't care about fps as i will refresh the data every 5 or 10 seconds


DOGXL160: 78x61mm
LCD-09560: 61x41mm

The DOGXL160 has a lower resolution, but is much bigger (and is half the price, ok you need a backlight).



Found also this:

Size: 93x70mm
KS0108 Chip, so no problem with the Arduino



An alternative is to use a TV-out shield and but a cheap LCD TV ($40) on ebay.

This is not a shield but a standalone thing:


You even get 5 buttons to use.
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter


I will do some research and see which lcd fits best, that DOGXL 160 looks interesting, do you know any shop that ships to Romania ?

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