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We would like to organise a workshop in Basel in January 2006. Please let us know if you are interested



as I live now in basel i would be very very interested!!!! As far as it dosnt cost much it would be ok.



does the workshop really take place, and if yes when and where? is it open to anyone?

kind regds



yeap i will like also to assit to this wksp, i dont live in basel and could only assist if its trully affordable and i find a couch where to crash (since there will be some money invested on the arduino board some sensor and the expensive swiss trains)...if not i guess i will wait til theres another one in CH and closer to where i live..

more info about this, is welcome since january is almos over :P




sorry to say, but this workshop is already over now. It ran during the first two weeks of the year.

Thanks for the interest and see you next time ;-)



what is this answer? I am sorry too offend, but it sounds really unproffesional und bad organized..
It this the famous dolce vita or what?


what's the dolce vita got to do with this ?:)

anyway what david forgot to mention is that in the end the workshop was organised by HGK Basel and it was open only to their students.

we didn't advertise further because of this




i've heard from one of the students (hyperwerk-basel) that there will be another workshop soon, will it be again private to the students of the school? I will like to sneak in since i will like to help on spanish/english documentaion for the arduino project..

if possible, could i reserve a seat? i have my board and a laptop..



We are talking to hyperwerk about it but I think it would be open only to them because it's part of a larger year long project they do.

i'll mention it but don't hold too many hopes :(



ok, i dont hold my breath about it, but put me fisrt on the list in case they admit 1 or 2 extras (i promise i wont ask questions, there, i can write them all here in the forums :P)

anyway, i could go and work documenting, that might make me a staff member.. :)

yeap to many ideas, lets see what they say.

tx anyway for asking them,

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