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The Electrolobby 2006 is proud to present a selection of workshops that will run in parallel during the Ars Electronica Festival. We will count with a selection of three very promising projects that make use of different open source/hardware platforms.

The workshops are open for anyone to participate. However there are 10 seats per workshop for those interested in coming to learn about the technology directly from their creators. E-lobby offers a total of 30 workshop places. These include:

- NO FEE; workshops are for free, you may need to purchase some materials, though

- FREE ACCOMMODATION; Ars Electronica has arranged a dormitory with 30 beds for the participants to stay in Linz during the festival

- FESTIVAL PASS; this will allow you to wander around the different areas of the festival, enter to lectures in the symposium, visit events, etc

On the side of the 30 official workshop participants, we will count with extra workshop spaces for those people registered in the festival willing to learn about Python, OpenFrameWorks, or Arduino. In any case you should inform us about your intentions to join the workshops, we will offer 10 extra workspaces per workshop!!

How to Apply
Workshops are open to anyone with the interest to participate. The application for workshops should be made over email sending the form avaliable at the official electrlobby's website: www.electrolobby.org.

The ultimate deadline for applying is August 5th, Saturday, 23:59. The selected participants will be announced on the web August 7th, Monday, 11:59. Send us your form to workshops@electrolobby.org

Note that NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE is required for any of the workshops. You don't need to be a programmer or you don't need to never ever had played around with electronics. We will however consider those applicants whose profile includes some experience in performing arts. It is our aim to use two different local venues during the festival for introducing the workshop participant's live performance acts to an international audience. If you are an electroacoustic musician, or a VJ (among others), you may consider joining the workshops for gaining the experience on how to bring some funky ideas to reality. Let's make the Electrolobby's workshops the place to make that happen!

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