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hello all...

im interested in arduino and zwave projects, but since i'm not an expert (not even close) and after some research and i found this and i wonder if its of any use for arduino...


this is the datasheet for the ZM3102N Z-Wave Module based on the ZW0301 Z-Wave Single Chip.

i believe that the chip can be purchased for less than 4,50$ each. http://www.z-wavealliance.org/modules/iaCM-ZW-PR/readMore.php?id=28311552

"...The ZM3102 will cost less than $4.50 in volume.[DWF1] ..."

maybe the more expert people can tell if this is good intel or not... anyway, just trying to help :)



DigiKey.com has them for $6.68.25, if you buy 1000.  Single units are $12.38 and the first price break is 25 units ($10.1476 each)

When, back in 2006, they predicted "The ZM3102 will cost less than $4.50 in volume." they might have been thinking of much higher volumes.
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The ZM3102N has flash memory for the Z-Wave stack and the application.  I would imagine that the $4.50 price was targeted at OTP (one time program) applications for real quantities.  But $12 is not bad in small quantities to get a project off the ground.

I have a Vera-2 controller and about 45 devices in my home, including light switches, dimmers, switched electric outlets, thermostat, key-entry, door and window sensors, occupation sensors, etc.  The applications where I would be interested in building an Arduino ZWave shield would be for special sensors and controls. 

Sensors on my wish list:
1) Water detection sensors for under the sinks in the bathrooms and kitchen, under the hot water heater and in the basement.
2) Doorbell detector or panic button
3) Garage door closed sensor

1) Garage door close/open contact for digital garage door systems.
2) Electric consumption status display / Custom scene controller
3) TV/Stereo IR blaster

What custom sensors and controls did you have in mind?
Mega 2560, Ethernet


Check this one. It's a zwave compatible board with Z-Wave support.



That eBay transmitter is just a Transmitter that sends and receives on the same frequency and will NEVER work for z-wave communication.

So, looking at the ZM3102N module, and the power of Arduino, I am thinking about developing some code to start using it for 'all-in-one' devices that are targeted to all-world audience rather than specific regions that currently exits for retail devices. Basically, the code and Arduino stays the same, but the sensors and specific ZM3102N module changes.

What I am looking at is a:
1. Sensor discovery routine;
2. Z-wave integration;
      a. Hardware (pins)
           - Antenna
           - I/O
           - Power
      b. Software
           - ????

As you can see, there's a big hole in my knowledge of z-wave software integration, which is mainly because the SDK for z-wave costs US$5k! I will msg sigma to see if they have anything already developed for Arduino integration.

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