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Michael Baseman

I have been looking around for an Uno (DIY) kit, with just the SMT components pre-installed.  Turns out, I can't find any kind of Uno kit anywhere.  Is it possible to modify something like a Freeduino SB kit and modify it, so that it incorporates the new features of the Uno?  If not, does anyone know where I can get my hands on an Uno kit? I know that the Uno is pretty cheap, but I like building stuff and don't mind the ultimately higher cost of kits.


As far as I know, there are no kits for ANY of the official Arduino boards (and the Uno is almost all SMT, so it wouldn't be much of a "kit")

Yes, a Freeduino design could be updated to have the new USB controller (assuming that that is the feature you're interested in.)  That would require that a Freeduino vendor be willing to go to the effort.  At the moment, it doesn't seem like there are many compelling reasons to do so.

There would also be the USB VendorID issues that have been discussed exhaustively in other threads...

It would be interesting if someone were to do a USB/Serial board using the the Atmel USB chip; that would give Uno-like USB capabilities to any of the arduino boards...


Arduino Uno Bare Board

Hmmph.  Not "official."  Presumably made from the CAD files; has anyone tried it and confirmed that it works?  Since the production Uno is not quite the same as the CAD files (at least in the silkscreen), I've been a bit apprehensive about whether there are any functional differences...


As I understand it from Gianluca, the actual silkscreen file is sent directly to the photosetter, since it wasn't able to process a Gerber of the desired complexity.  That is, there isn't an alternative Eagle file with the actual silkscreen, so I believe the reference design is the one used to produce the boards (although it's possible for it to get slightly out of sync).

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