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I just wanted to let you guys know that since the latest firmware these tiny little scopes also support frequency analysis!

I've updates mine and it works quite well. If you should have one as well, go and get the update. For updating the scope, you'll need an USB to TTL serial adapter, a few wires to remap the pins and a windows machine it seems. I haven't found a linux/mac version of the uploader (avrudb) that talks to the onboard bootloader.

If you want to flash a new bootloader as well (not strictly necessary), be aware that the 10pin header is not a standard ICSP layout.

Here's a video of the FFT feature:


Product page with firmware / docs:


Here's a photo of mine showing the pinout of the headers:

(click to show the flickr comments)


Thanks for passing that on, will get mine updated! Really nice product, can't beat it at the price.

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