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Hi anyone interested in a London Arduino get together?

I have just started teaching Arduino at the Bartlett and would be keen to swap info with people.

Get in touch - my skype name is "crowdcompiler"


I'm happy to join a meet, but am not actively developing much at the moment on Arduino (a meeting might just spur me on more!)


Hi, Nice meet you. I am interested in doing this.
Maybe you can contact people who already had an arduino workshop in london.
anyway, I am interested in being a participant.



Hi there,
Haven't used Arduino myself yet, but would be very interested to learn and be a participant in a workshop in London...


Yeah what I had in mind was more of a skill sharing event. I mean we can certainly have different skill levels there in fact thats essential but I think it would be great if we could use it to exchange projects and code examples.

The main issue in my opinion with Arduino is that the documentation is still lacking. It would be great to collect a group together that could help with documentation.

In the future I think it would be great to make the most of the open source/community idea and extending the Arduino code base and hardware.

I have lots of experience with PIC Basic, whoes functionality we need to at least match, but I myself cannot code in C but I have some pretty good ideas for features that we still need ;)

So yeah get in touch if any of this is of interest.



Faculty of the Arts http://mercury.tvu.ac.uk/da/index2a.html @ Thames Valley University runs couple of modules in Physical Computing. We use and Arduino, Processing, BasicX, web cams ...

We could eventually host and run a workshop for Arduino.

Please contact mitja.kostomaj (at) tvu.ac.uk to see if there is enough interest.


Hej Londoners,

let me remind you that we have an email list for those that participated in the workshop in London. If you are interested in moderating it, it could become yet another way for you to gather interested/interesting people ;-)



Christian, have only recently started using Arduino so would be very interested in any London meetings / workshops / sharing activities. I am working with guys at Artificialtourism.com on a DTI funded project on wireless sensor networks and we are using Arduino to create one of the streams of data that input to the *prototype*. I am interested in trying to push Physical Computing concepts out to designers at Arup but at the moment i am an individual in Arup doing this...

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