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I got to know Arduino at the ars electronica festival, unfortunately I could not participate at the workshops because I had to work. so are there going to be any workshops in the near future (oct/nov)? ++hopefully++

thanks* bluma

David Cuartielles


where are you located at?



Thanks for your quick reply. I'm from Austria, Linz. But I definitively go anywhere in Europe in order to participate at one of your workshops :)

David Cuartielles


ok you options are:

1) Massimo's workshop in Milano (see the main site, there is a post about it in the news section)

2) to come to Malmo (Sweden) on weeks 46 and 47 and join our workshop at K3

3) look for more people in Linz interested and invite some of us to go to Austria at some point

4) keep tuned to our website, we are going to announce a whole lot of workshops in the incoming months all over the place



We already had one workshop before ars electronica in Linz. Currently I am in discussion with servus.at, to get an other workshop in 2007.


thanks@all for all informations on workshops :)

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