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I'm working on a project where i need to use more than 1 LDR as a analog input. 5 to be more specific.
I'm using a Arduino UNO and noticed that there's only 1 5v slot, which you need to connect to the LDR.
My question to the forum is how do you, if it's possible connect 5 LDR:s to your arduino UNO?
This might sound like a stupid question, but i'm real newbie on this.
Thank you!



if you switch on the internal pull up of the port, you can connect to each port a LDR.



Do you mean that i can use the digital pins as 5v:s?
I forgot to mention that i probably will be using all the digital pins to LED:s.


    I would suggest that you use the 5V pin but connect it to a breadboard, this will allow you to connect the LDRs you require.

For a single LDR I assume you are connecting 5V(Common) > 1K Resistor > INPUT > LDR > GND(Common), you can simply repeat this as many times as you need on the bread board sharing the Common 5V and Common GND which you will connect from the Arduino 5V and GND pins.

Try it with one first and if that works add the second and so on.

Duane B.


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