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The Valand school of fine art is having a workshop in Arduino the first week in November for the MA programme C:Art:Media and is looking for a teacher. It's a one week fulltime job, a few weeks with support by email and a few days on location a month later. Must have experience with Arduino, soft/hardware engineering and related, preferably also in teaching. Also fluent in english is a must.

See http://valand.gu.se/index_e.html and http://valand.gu.se/cartmedia/ for further information about the Valand school of fine art and the C:Art:Media programme.

Get in touch with Arne Kjell Vikhagen if you are qualified and want more information. He is the coordinator for C:Art:Media. akvik^at^valand.gu.se


//closed, this workshop was taken by Malmö's Arduino lab from K3. It was a success.


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