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  you can put as the WS2803 is connected to arduino. ?
I connect well, but it does not work.



Yep, and it works just fine with the proper code.


Thanks for your prompt response.
  pull-up resistor, so connected?





That's neither a pull-up nor a pull-down.  There is no GND involved in a pull-up, and no VCC in a pull-down.  Look at the various schematics on that wiki page.


Someone can put a picture of how to connect a "pull-up". As he says, KirAsh4.



If you're only using one, it won't matter.  Leave them unconnected.  If you're planning on using several of them and you happen to get close to 6 meter length, you need to add them to avoid reflection.

In other words, when I make modules with these, I create them with the ability of adding those resistors if I need them.  If not they remain unconnected.


ok, but still not working. no LED lights.
I have also modified their library and nothing.

ps: not to stay with the doubt, could you put the resistecia concecta as "pull-up"?

ok, but still not working. I turn on the LED.
Also I have modified Their library and nothing.

ps: not to stay with the doubt, could you put the resistor connected as "pull-up"?


R2 and R3 are pull-up resistors.


you can put a video tutorial?


On what?  Pull-up resistors?  That's why I pointed you to the wiki page which talks about both pull-ups as well as pull-downs.


You still have the LED wired wrong. Is this a common cathode RGB LED?
If it is then it is likely only one colour will work.

A pull up resistor should be 4K7 and go from the pin to +5V, that is all. You do need them even with one chip.


I believe the RGB 5050 leds are common 'anything' that have 3 pads on each side: 3 x GND and 3 x V+

I usually bridge pads on the correct side to match my project(s)..


On the 5050's that I have, they're common anode, and the WS2801/WS2803 sink.  So each cathode on the LED goes to a separate output pin on the chip and the anodes are tied together with VCC.  And the datasheet specifically says 50R, not 4K7 for pull-ups.

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