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ok i really need help with arduino.. it be great if someone could help me out in making my LED codes to work.. me and my partner are working on a group project.. she's done with her tilting and nothing's working for my LED.. and im going insane..

i'll pay...




this is not the right forum to ask for this. You should format your question properly and post it into either the hardware or the software forums. We are willing to help you, but please try to explain your situation a little better:

1) post pictures of your circuit
2) add the code you are typing
3) explain what the things are ment to do

If you want to hire a developer you are most welcome to do so ... but use the "bar sport" topic, where people post things that are unrelated to development, or make a proper "call for developers" and announce it at the "news" topic.

Looking forward to your next post,


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