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David will spend two periods as a researcher and teacher in residence at SADI in Seoul. If you happen to be around, post a message in this board and let's see if it is possible to arrange some meetings/workshops there.

The two residence periods are:

1) from May 1st to June 3rd
2) from September 1st to October 30th.




Hola, me gustaría saber qué se necesita para ser anfitrión de estos talleres y cuales son los costos. Nos interesaría para finales del año 2007.
Adina Izarra
Laboratorio Digital de Música
Universidad Simón Bolívar de Caracas


Hola Adina,

mandame un mail a david.cuartielles [at] k3.mah.se y discutamos los detalles.

Un saludo,



Hey! David. Long time no see. How are you doing? This is Seulki.
Wow! this is great to hear. Now I am working in korea. I couldn't extend my Visa. you know horrible political system anyway.

It means that I could see you in May, Korea.
Said is really near my office. :) I will be there for saying to you hello. :)

Last time when I meet you and Massimo said having a workshop in Korea will never happen. can you remember it? haha. I knwo at that time Arduino is mainly for a project in Eroupe . :)

Anyway, Welcome to Korea.

does Massimo also come to Korea?



massimo didn't get invited ;)



I am going to work in Korea for a while. But I want to take advantage that SADI got me there to getto know the community in Seoul. Are there many Ardulovers around?




first workshop announced:


it will be in English even if the application is in Korean. There are very few places left.


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