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Very nice!

This is mine, it uses an optical sensor rather than the Hall sensor. Hall sensor much cooler.


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Super cool! I'll think about making this or having this made. That's the fun of being a teacher, you can order students to make things and that's all for their learning :) Considering this for instrumentation course because of PID and its application, also as a PR show item like my rotating stage with POV display.

I thought Si had one and thanks for posting so someone looking for this later sees two projects to learn from!

I shamelessly saved every file in a folder  ;)


At some point, I will update mine to use a Hall sensor - I still have long term dreams of a planetarium ceiling populated with floating, rotating planets!

However, one power outage and it would be raining celestial bodies!
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An evil genius would use a 2nd hand nuclear reactor from a Borg space ship - or if those are out of stock, a car battery as backup for the power supply.

idea ! -> Arduino as intelligent UPS controller :)
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@robtillaart sssst  :smiley-zipper: He is an evil genius and he wrote a book about being it

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