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Thank you gentlemen for your excellent suggestions. 

Duane, the interactivity-by-sound idea's a nice one but there are houses near to the rotunda and the installation's at night, so it might put a few noses out of joint!

Rob, I think you may have solved our problem with the webcam idea!  We were worrying we'd have to go with a complicated system of heat sensors or somesuch, but actually a webcam would be ideal (assuming that we have enough light on the interactive area to avoid problems with gain/video grain creating false signals).

Many thanks once again!


Hello !

When i saw your project description i have immediatly thought about ultrasonic range-finders. I used them during my studies in a "mini-drone" project for obstacle detection and it works very well !

You can use few of them (depending on the beamwidth) around the chandelier (some sensors are equipped with an I2C bus giving the range directly in different units : http://www.robot-electronics.co.uk/htm/srf08tech.shtml).

Maybe it can work with your project !

Good luck ;)
Bon sang ! mais c'est bien sur !

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