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I recently started learning about this Arduino platform and was amazed with its Simplicity and Awesome Capability to be used in almost anything in the Modern World.
So was wondering if anyone from India (Mumbai or anywhere in India) has been using this?
Was thinking of forming a Small local community (over the web) so that everyone can share their Experiences and Ideas, so everyone can learn about the prototyping platform...
Do reply if anyone is there around in the neighbourhood..

Thankx :)  


Hey..!! Pretty small community till now I guess. I am from Delhi :)


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Hey Im from Delhi also, infact Delhi NCR ,,,,,,mmmmmmmmmaaaan i got a life ,,,,,,,Hardly indian's turn out here and the one's who turn out are from SOUTH INDIA that;s really hard to meet one from as its too far , if you are able to make friends with them!  :)

EDIT: I have been here for quite a long time, but i love being virtually on this forum if not physically.

There are 5-6 which i have encountered and also posted/replied to them but are basically from south india.
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So, what do you do?? I am a soon to be electronics engineer, right now in my final year.

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