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Hi everyone,

we are organizing another Arduino course in Philadelphia.  See details below, or visit our website http://theHacktory.org.

Yours truly,  the hacks.

Microcontroller experiments for artists and makers

Have you ever wanted to build something that moves, or introduce some interactivity into your artwork? Or maybe you just want to impress your friends at the next MakePhilly meeting? Now you can. A new course will teach you the basics of prototyping and programming microcontrollers using the popular Arduino system (http://www.arduino.cc). No prior knowledge of electronics or programming is required to get your LEDs blinking, sensors sensing, and motors spinning.

The class will take place on Saturday, January 5, 2008 at the Nonprofit Technology Resources on 1524 Brandywine Street in Philadelphia from 9:00 to 5:00.

All materials including an Arduino board, prototyping supplies, and assortment of electronic components, will be provided with the enrollment fee of $200.

Enrollment is limited to 14 people, so reserve your spot today.

Visit http://theHacktory.org to register today.


Here is the feedback we received from our previous Arduino course:

"Perfect, and the pace allowed those of us who are slow, like me, to take our time."

"I came to this with very little previous knowledg of the subject matter, but didn't feel like it was over my head"

"I definitely would recommend the class"

"Class was great"

"Yes- it was just right amount of new material and background."

"Yes- very interesting. Learned a great deal. Not too technical"

"Class was great! I'm a total beginner but found most of the info understandable"

"Great! Just technical enough"

"A good balance to target a diverse audinece"

"Exactly what I expected"

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