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hello i use firmata for interface with software. i have a problem. i use relay who HIGH with (low). i use this relay
Code: [Select]

please tell how i turn on with firmata? what edit in the code of fitrmata?


i use relay who HIGH with (low).

What? Relays are turned on or off. If your relay is turned on using LOW, then I'd question how it is wired. Even if it is wired correctly, you can still turn digital pins HIGH and LOW using firmata.

what edit in the code of fitrmata?

None. Don't mess with the firmata sketch.

please tell how i turn on with firmata?

Please show the Processing sketch you have now.


yes this relay turn on with LOW and turn off with HIGH. look the code
Code: [Select]
    int LDR = 0;       
    int relay = 8;   
    int val = 0;     

    void setup() {
      pinMode(LDR, INPUT);     
      pinMode(relay, OUTPUT); 

    void loop() {
      val = analogRead(LDR);     
      if(val<800 )
        digitalWrite(releay,LOW);    //start

and the processing is http://nootropicdesign.com/toolduino/


please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Bumping after 2 hours is a sure way to get people to just move on. Poor planning on you part does not constitute an emergency on our part. I work for a living, too.

Is that the sketch that you have loaded while the Processing application is running?



yes i use this sketch

Well, that explains your problem.

From your link:
The Arduino must be running the Firmata firmware that comes with the Arduino IDE. Toolduino is not for use with your own Arduino sketch -- you must upload the StandardFirmata sketch to your Arduino before starting Toolduino.

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