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Send me some hints of interest  (@mail) if there's anyone from norway who wants to join\create a robotics organisation.

David Cuartielles


we are not in Norway, but if you wanna join us either in Malmo or in Copenhagen we will be happy to count you in ;)



I live in Norway :) (Tromsø) and am highly interested in the Arduino :)
B-dui in creation.



I live in Tønsberg, Norway, so at least I am in the right country. ::) I have an Arduino, I like electronics and robotics, but I am kinda tired of building stuff like wheeled robots that avoid walls, follow lines and such. I have had my Lego Mindstorms kit for a few years, so yeah.. =P

If you have plans to build something original, sure, I'll join and do what I can to contribute. But I'm not exactely sure a robotics group in tiny, cold Norway will compare to Honda or MIT and if I want to build a line-follower/light-searcher/wall-avoider, I'd rather spend a couple of hours with my Lego Technics than go through the hazzle of making parts from scratch and pay out'a my a-hole for expensive as crap servos (what are those babys made of anyways? Gold? Platinum? Meteor-rock? :-/).
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