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Is anyone interested in a Arduino Workshop for Noobees and others in the Boston area?


I would be interested in helping to teach or coordinate it.  Get in touch over email dam at mellis dot org and let me know what you're thinking.  It would be great to have a workshop in Boston.


I'd be interested in attending a workshop in Boston.  I'm from Philly but I have some family in Boston, I'd be willing to make the trip.


I'd be willing to attend just let me know! :)


I would also be interested in attending an Arduino workshop in Boston.


Funnily enough, I stumbled across a page online that lists an Arduino course a block from my house in Somerville: http://willoughbybaltic.squarespace.com/classes-and-workshops/.  If you guys are interested in a "straight" (i.e. non-robotics focused) Arduino course, let me know and I can contact the space and see if they'd be willing to let me hold one there.


hi, i just joined this board and happened to see the boston post and would also be interested in any meet ups that are going on.




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i live in upper nj, but this sounds so intresting, it might be worth the trip!!

we shud get goody bags with like millions of parts in them LOL!!
but serisoly, you should ask around the forum and see what ppl would be intrested in learning, like for me, i'd like to learn more about using potentiometers, and sensors wit the arduino (thermometers, force sensors, motion sensors, YOU NAME IT!),

good luck


I live in central Maine and if time permits, I would also be interested in attending a workshop in Boston...


Looks like a basic BBB (Arduino Clone) soldering/assembly class is warming up here:

Might include the bulk cost of the unassembled module @ $10 or $11.

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