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Hi there,

So I've been hunted for the past few days with a project idea I'm not sure I would be able to achieve so I thought I would post it here and hopefully get some guidance from the community.

I'd like to build a dynamic LED string with ultimately a chain of hundreds of LEDs.

For each LED I'd like to attach a button/sensor to set it's value to true of false (on/off)

In my code I would like to be able to access an array of 'dots' objects [dot1, dot2, dot3, dot4, etc...] where each led would hold a reference the button and the current state. For example dot1 = { ledState:1, buttonState:0, eventuallyAlpha:.4 }

I would be pretty comfortable at the code level, but when it comes to wiring and managing the hardware, I'm gonna need some help... Do you think such a strip would be feasible? What would be the limitations?

Thanks for reading, your help would be much appreciated.


Im new to all this..so take my advice for what its worth!   :P

I dont think 'controlling' a large amount of LEDS is the bottleneck here..  as that can be overcome by shift registers..etc..

I think the 'problem' will come into play because you want a button to go with each led..

so 100 leds = 100 buttons...etc..

by default.. you wont have enough I/O pins on any current Arduino...

that being said I believe I have seen solutions or posts on using/having a MATRIX of buttons.. (which Im guessing is similar on how large matrix of leds are controlled?)

Id say the first search topic is finding a solution to MASS INPUTS that your ok with..


Not too experienced in this, but to start you off you should look into chalieplexing, here is a library http://arduino.cc/playground/Code/Charlieplex , and here is a guy that made a shield for Arduino using chalieplexing http://www.makershed.com/LoL_shield_for_Arduino_p/mkjr3.htm . I do think your overthinking all this, and there may be an easier method of this by using just some simple transistors.

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