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I'm about to start on a project using parts I have around my house.

My Idea is to get an old large RC car, and install an arduino on it to control the steering servos and the motor, Attached to the arduino will be a Ethernet sheild that will be connected to a 3G (GSM) Router that I will have to power, and also attached to the Router wil be an IP Camera (All ontop of the RC car)

So I will code a progam so that I can log into my car and control the movement of the car from my computer, and I can view the IP Camera just with the software that it comes with..

I was thinking I would send UDP Packets to the audrino board to control the movements of the car.

Essentially I would be creating a Unmanned Vehicle run over the internet.

My question is on feasibility. Would there be too much lag to be able to control the car.. I know when the car is at top speed the camera would be pretty blurry...


Have you got anywhere with this project?
I am doing the same thing but using a RC Tank


I did some tinkering with making a router bot below.

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