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First off, forgive me i'm not microchip-enclined :-[

((Ok, i'm an idiot when it comes to this stuff))

K, so heres the general idea of what I want.  I want to make it so that I can send 2 midi signals to my computer so that when I hit theplay button on my cd player, the headphone style jack (Which i'll obiously split and shed the sheilding on it) and when theres electricity flowing through that wire, a midi signal will 'turn on' on the computer, which I can map to an audio program.  I don't want the actual sound to be put into the computer and recorded, I just want it so that when the wire has signal, it actuates the midi signal, and I can then map it in another program.....  Hope i'm describing what I want to do enough, i'd be willing to get a board right away and start tinkering.  I've been thinking about this for some time now, and i'm ready to learn how to do it....

Please respond here, or PM me if you think you know what i'm talking about, or can help me.....

Thanx in advance,


Sorry, i'll post this in the FAQ board....

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