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MAKING THINGS TALK : Networked Objects
Physical Computing Workshop by Tom Igoe*
22-23-24 May, 2008
Visual Arts and Communication Design
Sabanci University, Istanbul, TR

In this workshop, participants will learn how to connect  computers to the physical world through the use of microcontrollers  and sensors.  Participants will work hands-on to build their own sensor devices, and learn how to make those devices communicate with other computers over a network.  Simple wireless communication will also  be introduced.

Tools to be used include the Arduino microcontroller  platform, XBee digital radios, the Processing programming language,  and a variety of sensors.

Admission Requirements
Programming experience with Processing is preferred
Basic knowledge of electronic circuits
Boundless enthusiasm
Willingness to improvise

Online application can be submitted to http://vacd.sabanciuniv.edu/makingthingstalk
This intensive workshop will have a maximum capacity of 10 participants, and will take place at Karakoy Communication Center, Sabanc[ch305] University, Istanbul,Turkey.

All equipment will be provided by the workshop.
More info: http://vacd.sabanciuniv.edu/makingthingstalk

Contact: Selcuk ARTUT tel.+90216 4839319 email. sartut@sabanciuniv.edu

* Tom Igoe is the area head for physical computing classes at ITP Interactive Telecommunications, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU


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