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Its been fun adjusting the new bootloader and adding in support for my pH interface board. I grabbed a PID from Openmoko so I can avoid using Arduinos VID/PID combo. I have to say the new IDE version is a nice improvement and works quite well. It really wasnt too bad to switch everything over either, I did have to breakdown and create a variant and finish that portion off but this project is finally shaping up quite well. I like the atmega32u4 quite a bit and have it in a few projects, we do need to get this blasted USB-IF policy worked out so the little guys like us and get a block of VID/PID that dont cost a small fortune. For that much I am thankful for what Openmoko did and hope I can grab a few other ids.


The new IDE is out and about, with native support for Leonardo (and hence for the vinciDuino too). Its version 1.0.1.

Thanks. I had downloaded version 1.0.1 from arduino.cc but not realised I had not installed it. I have now removed the old version with openSUSE install / remove and have installed the new version manually. I am now ready for my Leonardo when it arrives.

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