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The switch works fine, but the transformer on the outside is ugly.
You try to install this USB transformer.
PS: I am glad that my project you have helped :-)


Der Schalter funktioniert gut, aber der Transformator auf der Außenseite ist hässlich.
Sie versuchen, diese USB-Transformator zu installieren.
PS: Ich bin froh, dass mein Projekt, das Sie haben dazu beigetragen.
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Hi giltesa,

nice to read your post!
Yes your project helped me a lot and was my impression to build my own!
Unfortunately i didn't understand your code, because you wrote it in spanish.
So i wrote my own version of the code, which does basically the same than yours.

Yeah, the transformer is indeed ugly, i know...
I also thought about hiding it in a second hole.
As you can see i already damaged the wallpaper, so drilling another hole won't make it worse.

Currently i'm also thinking about to build a remote-switch (with one of these enclosures) powered by an attiny and an IR-diode, which i want to mount near my bed.

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