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I've decided to get one of these fancy "blogs" that all the youngsters are on about ;D!  I figured it'd be a good place to post my attempts to make sense in the Arduino world :).  Check it out if you like!



I'd prefer if you didn't... :P

Coding Badly

Congratulations and good luck!

Do you have plans for the MCP4251 once the library is working?


Well, I was thinking about experimenting with the LM317 for regulating voltage by having one fixed resistor and one digital potentiometer.

Other than that, it was really just a cheap (few bucks) way to learn about libraries :).


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The reason I got mine ...


except with some filtering to shape the square wave some, for making tones

also libraries are not all that bad, but it takes me a couple reads on that tutorial because of the way its worded before it starts sticking

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