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Some time last week, I was looking at a vendor's website and saw something interesting (a big 24v DC power supply for dirt cheap). Now, of course, I can't remember which vendor it was. I've looked through my browser history and it doesn't go back far enough. Can people please throw out some ideas?

The website was mostly white with blue graphics. Across the top there were "tabs" for different categories, and tabs marked  $.99 and $1.99 with cheap items on them.

The vendor was out of China. Mostly hobby electronics stuff - little breakout boards, random components, etc. I think I first got to their website from a link on here, so hopefully it's a site familiar with this community.


you mean sure electronics...

Has to be them from what you have said :)

Check out their LED matrices while you're at it! That's what most people buy from them for arduino!



YES! That is it. Thank you very much. Sadly, the power supply I was looking for on there doesn't have the exact features I want. But it was really bugging me that I couldn't remember their name, so thanks anyways.


Well, hopefully now you'll be able to find some other things that you didn't even know you "needed" (I know that always happens to me at the Electronic Goldmine, Digikey, etc.)!

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